BACT Leadership

  • Emma Tung
    Co-Director of BACT

    Emma Tung is a high school junior at Milton Academy in Massachusetts. She is co-founder of Bay Area Covid Tutoring and helps manage daily operations for the organization. Living in Silicon Valley, Emma understood the importance of technology, especially during the pandemic. After working with RRRcomputer, an organization that refurbishes used computers and donates them to public schools, Emma wanted to find a way to provide some aid to students online when going to school in person is difficult. Outside of school, Emma enjoys Model UN conferences, playing tennis and skiing, and being the layout editor to Milton’s primary newsletter. Emma hopes that BACT will make an amazing impact on all tutors and tutees just as volunteering in Boston has done for her.

  • BCT Headquarters Leadership

  • David Min
    Founder, CEO

    David Min is a high school junior attending the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, MA. Additionally during the fall of 2020, he studied at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, DC. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Boston COVID-Tutoring (BCT), David heads day-to-day operations, engages in the development of ideas, objectives, special projects while overseeing BCT’s Leadership Team and communicating with tutors and families. David founded BCT during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic after realizing that education is a critical aspect of one’s life that can promote social mobility and develop critical thinking skills. With the pandemic having exacerbated the economic and educational inequalities in his country, David wanted to give back to his community. Inspired by his own experiences with tutoring, David hopes that students will not only receive the educational experience they may need but also the opportunity to cultivate a lasting relationship with their tutor. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the oboe, writing for his school newspaper, and spending time with his family. David hopes to truly make a positive impact in his community by providing this service to any children in need—regardless of their background.

    Nathan Bornstein

    Nathan Bornstein is a high school Junior attending the Buckingham Browne and Nichols school in Cambridge, M.A. He is the Chief Operating Officer of the organization and works on day to day operations and new and exciting projects. Nathan helped start BCT with the hopes of helping kids with their education who have been struggling academically. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing tennis and volunteering for BCT and the Immigrant Learning Center. In addition, Nathan enjoys helping others and wants to impact his community positively. Thank you for choosing BCT!

    Dan Bi

    Dan Bi is a Junior at Bucking Browne and Nichols High School. He is the Chief Technology Officer of BCT. He oversees all the technological challenges presented by virtual tutoring, and he manages and updates BCT's website with the help of a website development team. In addition to all the tasks above, he is also personally involved in all of BCT's on-going projects and plans for the future of BCT alongside David and Nathan. Dan joined BCT at its conception and helped David kickstart the company. He wanted to aid kids who are less fortunate than him and put them on equal footing with those in financially stable households. In his free time, Dan rows for his school's crew team and enjoys working on computer science projects.

    Graham Bateman

    Graham Bateman is a highschool sophomore at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (BB&N) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the Vice President of Boston COVID-Tutoring (BCT) and helps manage day-to-day operations. Graham also created and leads BCT’s program for Spanish-speaking unaccompanied minors. Graham’s goal is to help struggling students become confident, independent thinkers. Outside of BCT, Graham is a passionate, award-winning debater, an award-winning Model UN delegate, and an avid student of Arabic. He also helps lead the BB&N’s Community Engagement and Leadership Board, contributes regularly to his school’s political opinion magazine, and serves as a Class Representative in student government. Outside of school, Graham enjoys rowing, reading, and shooting hoops. He has an intense interest in foreign policy and enjoys having lively, intellectual conversations with friends. Graham hopes that you find working with BCT as meaningful as it has been for him.